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Acrylic Sheets

Acrylic Sheets - jeewaplastick

Acrylic Sheets


Features :
Clear, transparency rate can goes to more than 95% Easy to color highly glossy, easy clean, easy to mould, No-toxic Recycle-able acrylic sheet are widely used for engraving / advertisement sheets, intruments, parts of instrument, lamps, decorations, airplanes, automobile fittings, medical appliances, work of arts, insulation materials for electrical appliances, sign boards and various articles for light industry, culture, education and livelihood.

Thickness Standerd size
1mm – 50mm 1220 x 1803 cm
1220 x 2440 cm

• Good transparency
• Good weather resistance
• Good mechanical processability
• Light in weight, safe in use
• non – toxic
• Easy to process
• Thermal conductivity
• Chemical resistance



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