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A pioneer in importing, manufacturing and trading all kinds of adverting materials as well as manufacturers of luxuries and modern household ware

Unleash that unique and innovative idea with the premium quality materials from leading advertising and signage material supplier  Jeewa Plastic (Pvt) Ltd. Jeewa Plastic is the pioneer in Sri Lanka for comprehensive range of advertising materials ranging from sign boards, plastic sheets, flex, vinyl, ink, LED products etc. With over 40+ years of undisputed track record in the Sri Lanka business arena, the company is the leading importer, manufacturer and trader of advertising and signage materials and luxuries and modern household ware.

Do not compromise the quality and creativity for low quality advertising materials .Get the best products from the Asia’s major manufactures now in Sri Lanka under one roof. Jeewa Plastic (Pvt) Ltd is the one stop place to fulfil your need for quality and ultra-modern advertising and signage materials at the best price in the market.
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Why Choose Jeewa Plastic

25+ Years Undisputed Track Record Operating since 1973, the company has built an undisputed reputation for quality, affordable pricing and extensive portfolio of products.
Availability The company maintain an updated inventory of products to ensure the availability of our products all across our outlets to guarantee an outstanding customer service.
Customer Centric Service Customer is the most important element of a business. We strive to understand and cater to the needs of the customers with our extensive knowledge, skills, experience and the range of products.
Competitive Pricing Utilizing the best cost effective strategies,
the company offers premium quality products at competitive prices.
Extensive Range of Products Jeewa Plastic maintains a
comprehensive range of products
for any indoor or outdoor
advertising requirements.
Wide-spread Operations We have set up eight branches/outlets in the commercial hubs around the country to serve the customers beyond the capital city.


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